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The Icefields Parkway

I first heard of this ride back in grade 7, 26 years ago. Living only a few hours from the Rockies, our Outdoor Ed class often took field trips out to Jasper to camp and learn everything there is to know about the Rocky Mountains.

It was during one of these trips that I was told about how people often cycled the Parkway. Although I was not into cycling at the time, the thought of riding from Jasper to Banff has stuck with me ever since. 

Now, 26 years later, I'm making that trip happen! As part of our training for next years big ride, Karley and I will make the five day trek down the Icefields Parkway, starting in Jasper and finishing up in Banff!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel below to watch this dream unfold! 

Image by Ali Tawfiq

Cycling Across Canada

In 2021, I'll be pedaling across Canada with my niece, Karley.


We've decided to start our ride in Victoria, BC and finish up in St. John's, NL. Although we won't be riding through any of the Territories, we did want to pass through each of the provinces. This includes crossing over the Confederation Bridge (unfortunately by shuttle, no bikes allowed) from New Brunswick into Prince Edward Island and then back over to the mainland into Nova Scotia via ferry.

We also wanted to make it a truly Canadian ride, crossing over into Ontario from Manitoba; going above Lake Superior and not dipping down into the United States which is technically the most efficient way to cross Canada.

More details on this ride and the planning process to come!

We will be thoroughly documenting this entire ride so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel below so you don't miss an episode. Our goal is to upload every Saturday with the odd midweek bonus video!

USA Flag

The Washington Loop

A four day ride from Victoria through Washington and back with stops at Sequim Bay State Park, Fort Worden Historical State Park and Deception Pass State Park. The first of many bike tours for the Finnegan brothers! This was my longest yet at about 180km over four days and over 1200m of elevation gain.

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