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Sponsor Us

Thank you for your consideration in sponsoring us on this epic ride!
A trip such as this is hard to plan for as there are so many unknown factors but we've put together an estimated budget of $6000 to $8000 with a breakdown into four categories:
-Accommodation - $2880
-Food - $2600
-Gear - $600
-Repairs - $500
A more detailed budget breakdown can be provided.
Accommodation for a tour like this is split into three main categories:

Campgrounds - Campground prices can obviously vary depending on location. Some may be drastically over priced but on the other hand, sometimes campground hosts will let cyclists on long tours stay for free or only a few dollars.

Hotel/Motel - Sometimes it might be the only option or after multiple days of bad weather it's good to stay somewhere indoors where there's heat and the ability to dry out all of your gear and provide a much needed morale boost!

Free - This category has a few options. Friends and family along the way is one. There's also a website that offers free accommodation if hosts are available. Another way is meeting likeminded people through social media groups that offer free stays if you're riding through their area. Lastly, the kindness of strangers. If you're in a pinch, complete strangers open up their home or even a place in the yard to pitch your tent.
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