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Hi, I'm Bob.

I grew up in St.Albert, AB and have always loved being outside. From my first camping trip as a child, I was hooked. My respect and appreciation for the outdoors was fully realized when I hit grade 7 and took Outdoor Ed! It was at Sir George Simpson Junior High School that I met one of the most influential teacher to ever exist who quickly became the inspiration for all of my future outdoor adventures! 

Aside from a lust for adventure, I also have a deep passion for photography. This passion was discovered in grade 10 when I took my first Comm Tech course. This was back just before digital photography became the norm. So there I was with my film camera, running around taking photos of friends and spending countless hours in the darkroom, developing and loving every second of it. 

My road to a Crohn's diagnosis was a long one. It's hard to pinpoint when I began showing symptoms but it was long before we knew what was going on, likely upwards of two years. In September of 2009, my condition worsened drastically. I saw multiple doctors over the following four months with many trips to the emergency room. On January 4th, 2010, after a 2 day ER stint, I finally got my diagnosis of moderate to severe Crohn's Disease. The next few years weren't easy as we played the "which drug and how much" game. Things got much better after I started Remicade which brings us to now. I started out at 400mg every 8 weeks which was slowly increased to 600mg every 4 weeks. 

On May 25th, 2022, I plan to put this disease aside and along with my niece, ride over 8000km across Canada!

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